Communities First Association (CFA) is a national, faith-based organization of highly relational, expert practitioners who are committed to community transformation through the multiplication of skillful leaders in asset based community development. A diverse group of professional community developers, Community Advancement Coaches of CFA are leaders in their cities, churches, school districts, civic and non for profit organizations. They are committed to a coach-trainer model that infuses high standards of coaching, training, and facilitation of relevant, rigorous, and diverse curricular experiences that equip the next band of leaders to come alongside communities.

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Communities First Association
Communities First Association
Communities First Association
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CFA is a professional association of Intermediary Christian Community Developers providing a supportive learning environment, resources, and tools to those who transform communities.

Communities First Association

CFA extends the reach of Christian Community Development across the country by providing encouragement and support for Christian leaders, serving as a place for retreat and refreshment, and developing holistic, multisector approaches that contribute to God’s shalom.

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